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The business force awakens
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I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens the other day (I am not an early adopter for blockbuster movies).   


It got me wondering about the “dark side” of setting up in business: the First Order depicted in the film is all terrifying conformity, claiming to be eliminating the forces of disorder, yet creativity and entrepreneurship thrive on disrupting the status quo, finding new ways of solving problems.


So why do we see potential entrepreneurs feeling straitjacketed by all the business frameworks and models that are supposed to help them? SWOT, PESTLE, Lean, Five Forces to name but a few can all help with business planning but “paralysis of analysis” can lead to an endless round of thinking rather than doing.


We rarely use such frameworks at Pimp My Ideas with the businesses that we help. Have we absorbed them all over the years so that they are second nature? Possibly, everyone can use some help planning, that’s what the frameworks are for.


Actually, it’s more that our focus is different:


what we do is help you unleash that extra bit of spark and see the full potential of your idea. It’s like someone putting the batteries in your idea and powering it up.


If you feel like you need some help finding the batteries, drop us a line.


And may the force be with you.