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Getting Your Business off the Ground

7 fierce questions

It’s true, we all have good ideas every day. 


Some of them even become reality.  Some of them may inspire you to establish a new way of doing things, a new product, a new service or even, perchance, a new business. Some of them are wildly successful, some go down in flames (or are “epic fails” in Silicon Valley speak).


Regular readers of our blogs will remember our super-direct three question test in March for a way of quickly assessing an idea before running off to implement it (we’ve all done that…): Can you clearly articulate your idea? Can you say precisely how it helps solve a problem and for whom? Can you execute it?


Now the questions get fiercer, to uncover angles and opportunities, giving you an insight into how the Pimp my Ideas intervention works.


Solve my problem/benefit me – how does your business idea do that? How do you know? How can you reach out to potential customers and test the idea?


How does it fulfil your own personal values?


What is unique about your business idea? How do you know? Does it matter if you are/are not unique in your market? How will you set yourself apart from your competitors?


Who can you turn to for advice and support? What resources will you need?


How could you get pre-orders or other forms of investment?


What would be the best structure and business model for long-term success? How can you scale up quickly, yet sustainably?


And finally, how will you know you’ve been successful? Put yourself in your own shoes 1 year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now and describe the view.


If this list inspires you, drop us a line and save yourself a whole lot of time and effort. You’ll end up with a myriad of potential opportunities to realise your idea and a clear idea of priorities and next steps.