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Reflections On Powering Up Ideas

The power of a story


Only those who understand the power of their story will stand out


Ten years ago, Sunday Steinkirchner and her husband found an old, tattered copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at a street sale and bought it for $1. From this find, a rare books company was born.


Of course it’s not that simple—there were many ups and downs, ins and outs to the story, but essentially, Sunday and her husband were looking for a business opportunity and found one at a street sale in New York City.


Telling stories through movement, signs, sounds, words, and images, is one of our most fundamental forms of communication, it binds us together and enables us to communicate across cultures. Every culture throughout history has created stories as a way of making sense of the world, understanding complexities, describing daily events, sharing interests, learning, and stimulating emotional responses.


This is even more important now:

the deluge of information in our lives and the methods of accessing it are increasing exponentially.


So only content that is compelling will stand out. Only those who understand the power of their story and how to tell it will attract attention.


Those who can create, find or share great stories will rise above the other trees in the forest. This is particularly true for business and especially for start-ups that are looking for customers or investment. 


As the ‘Ideas Pimps’, we often find ourselves working with clients to articulate their story in a compelling way, to use the power of story-telling to communicate their uniqueness, stand out from the crowd and attract the support they need to kick-start their companies.     


And it isn’t just us, extensive research into story-telling in business has recently been carried out by Carmine Gallo and captured in his latest book - The Storyteller’s Competitive Advantage: 3 Keys To Winning Hearts and Minds.


Give people a reason to engage with you, and tell your story.


Contact us today to arrange an appointment with your Ideas Pimps to learn how we can help you to develop your story.