Pimp your idea

business success

Because, in the end, it really is all about you. 


We make no promises. The hard work of delivering the idea is up to you.


We don’t care what sector you’re in (as long as it’s legal). It doesn’t matter where you’re based (everything happens by virtual conferencing so you don’t even have to leave your office/house). 


We don’t care what stage the idea is at or how mature your business is, we’re just interested in the idea and how we can help you unleash its potential. 


Our entire focus is on you and the “why”, rather than the “how”, as there are plenty of business support people who can help you with that. 


We won’t hold your hand or mentor you long term.

We will give you a shot of energy to focus your idea. 

We won’t do business support, tell you to get a website or write a business plan.

We will see the opportunities that you could pursue.


We won’t do “Dragon’s Den”.


We will encourage you to think bigger and find a way through the challenges.

The Process:

1. Contact us

2. We’ll arrange a time

3. We’ll talk it through with you

4. You’ll be left with some clear next steps!

Ready To Scale Up Your Idea?