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Reflections On Powering Up Ideas

I want to work from home

I would love to work for myself, to start my own home-based business, but have no idea what to do.”


If you have the ability, the passion and the drive, but no clear business idea, but want to work from home, have more choice, flexibility or freedom, don’t worry, your not alone.  


The great news is that technology has made it possible for almost anyone to start and run a successful business as a freelancer.  Freelancing is all about taking your skills and turning them into a business. It costs virtually nothing to get started and you can rapidly test and refine what you offer.


In the past few months, we have helped clients who want to start a freelance, home-based businesses by making the technology.


Here are some great ideas for you to consider:


  • Graphic design

  • Sales coaching

  • E-learning

  • Virtual PA

  • Web design and development

  • Writing services


Starting a home-based business allows a great deal of personal and creative freedom.  You can start your company today by deciding:


  • Who will be your clients? How will you find them and how will they find you?

  • How will you market your new company?

  • How much should you charge for your services?

  • What happens if you’re unable to work?

  • Do you require permits, licences or insurance for your workspace?

  • Do you need an accountant?

  • Do you know your tax and other financial liabilities?


If you have a great, work from home, business idea, but want someone to talk it over with before you start, arrange a session with the Ideas Pimps and we will help you to make your dream a reality.