New year, new you

New Year, new you,
new business?
Business resolutions

Forget the gym memberships and the diets (unless that’s your business idea).  


Forget the grand resolutions for 2016.  


Just make one decision. Make 2016 the year of your business.  


We’ve all been there, the idea for a business rolling around in your head, annoying you, but never going away no matter how much you try and squash it down because you’re too busy, there’s the job and the kids and the other job and family and friends and perhaps even the gym membership and… and… and…


What about this idea?  Would it really be so difficult to take the first step forward?  Do you know what that first step would be?


No-one knows what the first step is when they are starting out in business.  That’s what no-one likes to say but it’s true.  The original title of this blog was “One step to transforming ideas into businesses” but we realised that it’s misleading – there is no one step, it’s a series of steps and actually it may not matter much which one you do first.  It depends on you, your circumstances, your skills, your experience, your frame of mind, your knowledge.


So why not keep it simple – perhaps set aside a few minutes to articulate the problem your business idea will solve and the kind of person who would appreciate the solution enough to pay for it. And then another few minutes to think about how you might test the idea. And then another few minutes to…


Like any year 2016 will have 12 months – a few minutes a day when you can over the year will soon add up to a well thought out business, making 2016 the year when you finally get your business off the ground.