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Reflections On Powering Up Ideas

Learning to breathe

We had an interesting conversation with a client the other day.


We realised that setting up a business can be like re-learning how to breathe.


You’d think, like breathing, it comes naturally, without a thought, especially after years of professional and corporate experience. You breathe approximately 18 times per minute, 1,080 times an hour and 25,920 times a day, automatically, without giving it a second thought.


But the first thing a yoga or pilates instructor does is teach you how to breathe because the truth is that very few of us stop to think about it and this can have a major impact on your sleep, mood, digestion, heart, nervous system, muscles, and brain.


We all need to become highly conscious of the way we breathe but now you’re wondering “what does this have to do with scaling up my business idea?”


We’re glad you asked.


A lot of the people who come to us are highly experienced leaders, who have held senior positions in businesses, or are individuals with years of business experience. They’ve been ‘breathing’ business for long time and breathing is automatic so starting a new business should be easy for them, right?




Our clients frequently tell us that even after decades of experience in the business world, starting a new business is a whole other experience. 


So they can ‘breathe’, they know they can ‘breathe’ but, like the yoga instructor, a conversation with us can make them realise that they are not ‘breathing’ properly.


We’ve seen this dramatically shift clients’ perspective – suddenly becoming highly conscious of what they have been taking for granted about their business idea and how that has been impacting their ability to get their business off the ground.


It’s exciting for us to see that moment of recognition that developing a healthy business idea, means becoming conscious of and improving how they are ‘breathing’.


If you would like us to help you uncover what you’ve been taking for granted and reshape habitual thinking and approaches to developing your business idea, contact us to day to arrange an appointment with your Ideas Pimps.