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Getting Your Business off the Ground

Is that
a juicy idea?

Why is it that so few business ideas get off the ground?


If you said lack of courage, resources, time and/or money you would be right, but in our experience, the first hurdle is knowing whether or not the idea is a good one. Making the journey from an idea to reality is never easy, regardless of the investment of money or time required.


As the old saying goes, “If it were easy – everyone would do it.”


The Ideas Pimps help you to understand what is required; mentally, intellectually and physically to go from having an idea to making it a reality.


Firstly it is important before you start to make sure the abstract concept or idea is turned into something more concrete.


There is a distinct difference between “I’m going to set up a retail business” and “I am going to set up a retail business selling designer shirts to men aged 25 to 55.”


Another common problem is that the people we work with simply have too many ideas and find it hard to pin down one they want to pursue. To help you take you turn the ideas in your head into something real, we like you to think about it as preparing an orange.


Yes, you read that right – an orange.


Just think about what you do with an orange:

firstly you remove the peel to get to the fruit.

Then you slice or segment it

And of course you discover and discard the pips.


When we apply the “orange principle” to your idea we first help you to discover whether there is a juicy piece of fruit beneath the surface.


Then to segment the different actions to be taken because bite sized pieces are much easier to consume. And we help you to identify any potential problems, the pips that you need to root out and deal with to ensure the success of your idea.


Juicy ideas require creation, otherwise they remain just that – ideas.


Think you might have a juicy idea? Get in touch today and we will help you to peel that orange.