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How We Helped a Company Balance Expansion Plans with Brand Integrity 

Spa Products

This company came to Pimp My Ideas because the founder was at a critical stage – how to expand while maintaining integrity



This is small family business that was established in 2001 and produces handmade, organic, natural skin and hair products.


These products are made to order and are currently being sold directly to spas and salons.  There is also a small retail element to the business.


The challenge being faced by the owner is to expand the business whilst maintain the integrity of the product.

The Pimp My Ideas Process

During the session we presented a number of options and ideas that would help the business to expand production, retain the handmade process and use of organic ingredients.


We also suggested online sales a route to market, which the owner had not previously considered. 


The feedback was that the session had presented a number of ideas that the owner had not thought of.  The four words that she used to describe the session were:


brilliant, eye-opening, a little overwhelming (number of ideas), exciting


If that sounds like what you need right now, contact us at ideas@pimpmy


Key Learning


The owner of this business learnt that it is feasible to expand and increase production without losing the integrity of the product.

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