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How We Powered Up An Idea Into A Global Strategy

Paul Bryan Salons

Paul Bryan Salons came to Pimp My Ideas because the owner sensed the business had potential and wanted to test a few ideas.



Paul Bryan Salons is a very well established business with a commitment to delivering the highest quality services and products to its customers for over 20 years. 



The CEO had had an idea to develop a new product, one that was different to “the usual” that was currently available but the team was stuck for ideas as to the product name.

The Pimp My Ideas Process


Paul Bryan Salons already has a track record in developing products but, for some reason, was finding it difficult to articulate the new product ideas.


We sat with the CEO and the Manager and walked them back through the journey of the company to date, and clarified what they had learned from that journey and how this could help them today. It quickly became clear that the potential for the brand was significant, far beyond the development of a product, and it could diversify into a number of dfferent activities. We worked with them for an hour: at the end of the hour, we had a framework that brought all the ideas together, some clear next steps and some important questions about values and goals for the business to answer.


Key Learning


The key learning for the business was going back to its roots, rediscovering its understanding of its market niche and tailoring services and products to that niche.


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