Ideas already pimped - Lisa

How we Kickstarted a Long-Cherished Idea


Lisa came to Pimp My Ideas because she was tired of just thinking about her business idea and wanted to do it.



Four years ago, Lisa had an idea for a business specialising in sales training and customer success management. She thought she could do it because she had a passion for training, knowledge of sales, and a desire for a better work/life balance.



Now she had a growing drive to make the most of her own potential in her own way.  But she hadn’t yet made progress and realised she needed a boost.

The Pimp My Ideas Process


Lisa had already begun some market analysis but had some uncertainty about the risks involved in starting and running a business. We helped Lisa to overcome this uncertainty – in the space of an hour, we helped Lisa to generate enough “bite-size” actions that could be easily undertaken yet would result in a feasible and workable business. 


More importantly, the process illustrated to Lisa that the risks of starting a business were completely manageable if she took just a few steps towards her goal of being an independent and successful business woman.  These steps would clarify her business model, income projections and, most importantly, her niche in a highly competitive market.


Lisa’s Key Learning


“I took away the importance of clarity and being able to sum up your business in a few words. This clarity will help me make the right decisions for my future clients and therefore for my future.”


If your business idea could do with a bit of a boost, contact us now.

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