Ideas already pimped - Domestic Care

How We Helped a Company Become More Profitable by Streamlining Operations 

Domestic Care

This company came to Pimp My Ideas because it was too reliant on seasonal holiday business


Founded in 2013 this online agency service matches families with qualified and trustworthy babysitters, house sitters, pet sitters, nannies, tutors and housekeepers.


The two owners of the business are serial entrepreneurs who also run a social media business.


The focus of the session was on further development of the business, which is heavily reliant on a seasonal, holiday market.

The Pimp My Ideas Process

The session identified some key actions that would streamline operations, enabling the business to operate more efficiently, make operational savings, and therefore become more profitable.


The priority identified for this business was to streamline the booking, assignment of jobs and to introduce online payments.  These changes will significantly reduce the time and resources currently devoted to managing these processes, allowing the business to focus on growth.


In terms of growth, we recommended that the business considered national expansion in the next 2-3 years, followed by international expansion in the next 3-5 years.


At the end of this session the business owners were very excited about the ideas and committed to implementing them in order to move the business forward.  The four words used to describe the session were:


powerful, helpful, clear, effective


They described the session as: “exactly what we needed in order to make the business more efficient.” 


If that sounds like what you need right now, contact us at ideas@pimpmy


Key Learning


From this session the key learning is that it is important to invest in systems and processes that will streamline the operation of the business.  This can create savings in both time and money.

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