Ideas already pimped - Angela

How We Helped a Would-be Entrepreneur Feel Positive and Much More Confident 


Self-employment as an option to deal with change



Following major changes in the company that she currently works for, Angela was exploring the option of becoming self employed and is keen to start a sales coaching company.



    The Pimp My Ideas Process

The session with Angela explored:


The feasibility of the idea

The potential market size

The ideal customer profile

The value proposition

Routes to market

It became clear that Angela needed give more thought to the potential market and the value proposition to determine whether or not her idea was feasible. Ultimately the session identified some key actions that she needed to take, including market research.


At the end of the session Angela confirmed that she was feeling very positive and a lot more confident in her ability to make the idea work.  She appreciated the clarity gained from the session and what to focus on doing first.


She decided to carry out her market research first and then come back to us to discuss next steps. 


The four words used by Angela to describe the session were:


amazing, very helpful, confidence boosting and supportive


If that sounds like what you need right now, contact us at ideas@pimpmy


Key Learning


The main lesson from our session was the need to be clear about the market the business is aimed at. 

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