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How We Helped an Entrepreneur Find Her Path Forward

Catering Company

An award winning catering company established in 2000


The owner has decades of experience of starting, developing and growing the business and came to Pimp My Ideas with a franchising concept for growth and expansion into a number of geographical areas.


The Pimp My Ideas Process

The session identified some key actions that the business owner needed to take in order to progress to the next stage of her business.


  • Firstly, she needed to develop a broader understanding of franchising and to assess how feasible it was to franchise her business.

  • Secondly, the structure of her business made it impossible for her to dedicate the time and energy needed to focus on growth.

  • Finally we identified a realistic timescale and strategic actions to take in order to move forward.


At the end of the session the business owner was clear, confident and energised to take forward her expansion plans. She confirmed her decision to begin by recruiting a Deputy Manager and also a catering supervision, to take on some of the workload and she planned to travel to the USA to attend a franchising expo to develop her networks, contacts and broaden her knowledge. 


The feedback was that the session has been extremely beneficial was described as:


powerful, illuminating, enjoyable and challenging

She commented: “I have always been confident in my ability to run a successful business, but having independent, experienced entrepreneurs to share my ideas and help me find a path forward was exactly what I need. Thank you.”

If that sounds like what you need right now, contact us at ideas@pimpmy

Key Learning

The most important thing we gave this company was a strategy and milestones to achieve as she works towards growing her business.  She was able to confirm that franchising is a feasible business model and that there is real scope for expansion on his basis.


Working with such an experienced entrepreneur with a clear vision for her business confirmed our belief that everyone, no matter where they are in the lifecycle of developing their business, can benefit from supportive, advice and guidance.

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