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The characteristics of entrepreneurs – why so much angst?


As you can see from our Twitter feed, we follow (no pun intended) closely what’s going on in this entrepreneurship thing.  There is so much data and analysis, so many views, reports, policies and programmes. 


And not a little angst, it has to be said: what is it, are you born with it, can you learn it, how can we encourage it, we need more businesses, more startups, what are the barriers, why don’t people just do it!!! 


There’s a lot of seemingly contradictory data around women and entrepreneurship too – we start more businesses, no we don’t, yes we do but they don’t scale (the cupcake stigma?), we can’t get finance, we’re great at crowdfunding.


And so it goes on. It’s a wonder we haven’t had a meltdown.


Are would-be entrepreneurs are put off by all this? If they are, is that a sign that they are wantrepreneurs not entrepreneurs? Well, no, we don’t believe this to be true.  Because we know that “being put off” is not a permanent state. Yes, it’s always easier to do it tomorrow, yes, it can be a big step to set up a business.


But if you have an idea, it’s worth having enough faith in it to at least give it a go, with the best advice you can get, as soon as you can get it.

And that’s the secret formula: it all boils down to three questions:


Can you clearly articulate your idea?

Can you say precisely how it helps solve a problem and for whom?

Can you execute it?


So if it’s all getting a bit much, just strip it right back to basics.  And don’t worry if you answer no to some or all the questions – as well as all the analysis out there, there are plenty of people to help.


After all, knowing that you don’t know things is the first step to discovery: admitting what you can’t do is the first step to self-awareness: two very important characteristics of leadership, also known as entrepreneurship.