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How We Helped an Entrepreneur Believe Her Business Could Grow Bigger and Faster


F.Disruptors came to Pimp My Ideas because the founder was at a critical stage – from thinking to delivery.



F.Disruptors is a new programme designed to mobilise girls and women into tech via next generation learning, talent management and funding. 


F.Disruptors is a business driven by a passion to change the landscape in the technology world and enable more women to sustain careers in tech.

The Pimp My Ideas Process

The owner of F.Disruptors, Debbie Edwards, has 25 years’ experience at a senior level in the corporate world.

During the conversation, it became clear that the uniqueness of F.Disruptors was its “whole life” approach, it was not a one-off intervention in schools, but a coherent programme of learning and networking throughout a woman’s education and career.


At the end of the hour, seven key discussion points had been covered, including clarity of how the business was to be monetised, and articulating the personal mission in story form to capture interest from like-minded people.


Debbie used four words to describe the experience:


exciting, challenging, supportive and focused


She commented: “I could really see you visualising that this could work and I started to believe it too! I realised just how much impact I could have - this really fired up my vision and I have since thought that I could actually grow the business bigger, faster than I had previously thought. I would absolutely recommend you.”


If that sounds like what you need right now, contact us at ideas@pimpmy


Key Learning


The most important thing we gave Debbie was focus and clarity: as soon as Debbie had that clarity she was able to seek out information about her business model to create revenue models she knew were going to work and that already had a benchmark in the marketplace.

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