Come on in...

Test the business water
Come on in, the water's fine 

You know the feeling – you really want to have a dip in the pool but it just looks a bit too cold. So what do you do?  Are you a “Oh I’ll just jump in, how bad can it be?” or are you a “I think I’ll just go in bit by bit and acclimatise”?  Or do you dip a toe in and think “I’ll just let things warm up a bit and go in later”?


Of course, once you actually get in, you realise that the water’s fine and that you can stay in or get out or do whatever you want.


And that’s perhaps what most people don’t tell you about the process of turning an idea into reality.  That, really, it doesn’t matter how you start, whether it’s all in or bit by bit or a bit later. It just matters that you start.  And, generally, you can stop any time you want. 


For most businesses, there’s no one big “do or die” decision point, it’s a series of smaller moments, milestones and decisions that collectively add up to being in business. 


So what’s the first decision you think you should take?


After all, how many times have you regretted getting in that pool?


If you think we can help to clarify the first decision, tweet us or email us now.  We’re in the pool and the water is just fine.


So come on in.