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Reflections On Powering Up Ideas

From analysis to action!


"I have a great idea for a business!"


How many times have you said: “I have a great business idea” but weeks, months and even years go by and none of these ideas have come to fruition? 




We have found that the problem is rarely the quality of the idea.  More often than not it is the time spent researching, analysing and testing the idea that stops it in its tracks.   


Don’t get us wrong, we are not suggesting that you start a business with no understanding if there is a market, if there is strong value proposition or not knowing the characteristics of an ideal customer.


But you certainly don’t need a detailed business plan and financial projections, unless you are seeking to borrow large sums and have to prove viability to an investor.


And over-analysis can lead to paralysis and the death of a great idea - before you know it someone else has picked up your great idea and is running a successful business.


We specialise in helping people move from analysis to action.


In just one short, sharp, focused session with us you will identify those vital few priorities so that you can quickly and confidently move into action and see your business ideas take off.


Contact us today to arrange a session with the Ideas Pimps and let us help you to move from analysis to action.