About us

A Lightbulb Moment - We've Always Powered Up Ideas

Pimp My Ideas was founded by Barbara Dennis and Catherine Johns in a lightbulb moment of realising that that this is what they had been doing their entire professional careers but hadn't really articulated it before now.  


Between them, they have over 50 years of experience of transforming ideas, aspirations and ambitions into reality. And they have always delivered results. Now their unique combination of fun, pragmatism, intuition, structured strategic thinking, contacts and networks, and masses of experience is available to you.

Barbara Dennis
Over 50 years of
experience at your disposal
Catherine Johns
Barbara Dennis

Barbara is a business owner, so she’s been there and done that.  She is also a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, business consultant, executive coach and professional speaker. 


She has extensive experience of working in management and organisational development for a range of local, national, regional and international organisations and has been involved in major change projects in private, public and not-for-profit businesses.


Catherine Johns

Catherine has made a career out of bringing ideas to life, creating compelling visions and turning them into realisable frameworks that can be implemented effectively and sustainably.


She has worked across the private and public sectors developing and delivering high level, fundamentally innovative and transformative projects to support and enable businesses, primarily in innovation and high tech.

Seven Things To Know About Us

 1. Barbara has an OBE for services to economic and social regeneration.

 2. Catherine was North East Key Woman of the Year.

 3. Barbara is an Adizes Certified Change Leader and TopLeaf Moderator.  

 4. Catherine is a regular speaker and blogger about how to realise innovative ideas.

 5. An entrepreneur since 2004, Barbara wouldn't go back to getting a job if you paid her (metaphorically speaking).

 6. An intrapreneur for 20 years, Catherine loves the challenge of making ideas happen, wherever they are.

 7. Our meetings are mostly made up of laughter and action points.


If that sounds like it's right up your street,